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What is PPMS?

PPMS (Personal Project Management System) is a tool for managing and showcasing personal projects. It is developed by Martin Strömberg, a swedish programmer and web developer. The need for such a system arose from two separate, but not altogether unrelated problems. The first problem was that yours truly had a few too many projects on his hand and was having problems organizing them and remembering what needed to be done on the various projects. There was a pressing need for a system to be able to list projects, regardless of status (ongoing, on hold, finished or discontinued), their members and various issues and TODOs.

The second issue this system was designed to address, was that Martin had no portfolio or similar system for showcasing his works - something that was made painfully apparent when he was applying for vacancies during his last semester at the systems development programme at a local university.


Project Listing with the ability to easily view and filter projects by status, start and/or end date as well as other factors.

Project Blogs for each project so as to provide an easy medium for communicating information regarding the progress of the project in question to the various interested parties.

Issue tracking and TODO lists that will provide the developer(s) working on a given project with a simple interface for keeping track of what needs to be done. It will also serve to inform stakeholders and interested parties about what issues will be addressed.

More features to follow as the system is being developed. Do check back for more information.


PPMS is a work in progress and new features will surely be added along the way. Be sure to check back if you're interested.

Under the Hood

PPMS is powered by CakePHP ( and uses MySQL for storage. The site uses the Bootstrap ( framework.

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